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Spit Guard Pro Total Barrier Spit Mask

Total Barrier

Spit Guard Pro Easy Carry Spit Mask

Easy Carry

Spit Guard Pro Hygienic Spit Mask

Hygienic Disposal 

SPIT GUARD PRO is the spit mask that gives total protection.

Spit Guard Pro anti-spit hood is used by Police, Prison and Security Services around the world.

Spit Guard Pro is the safest and most humane anti-spitting solution to a dirty problem.

KIT Design Spit Guard Pro Spit Mask
Spit Guard Pro Spit Mask Shield

The original Spit Guard Pro was designed in conjunction with UK Police and was the only spit mask to ever be medically certified. Since then we have evolved the design to Spit Guard Pro Version 2.0.

Now with improved design, fit and a choice of 2 colours, Spit Guard Pro strengthens its place as the best spit mask on the market. 

Spit Guard Pro Spit Mask Packaging Back




Spit Guard Pro Spit Mask Ivory and Black



Spit Guard Pro Anti Spit Hood
Spit Guard Pro Spit Mask Packaging Front



SPIT GUARD PRO is the best anti-spitting hood

Anti-spit masks, also commonly known as anti-spit hoods, help to protect law enforcement, security guards and medical personnel against dangerous diseases transmitted via spitting. Many legal cases have ruled spitting is assault, most notably in cases where Police Officers have been spat at by offenders at the point of arrest.


Not only is spitting absolutely disgusting, it is also extremely hazardous to health. Spitting can actually transmit potentially harmful viruses from one person to another. When spit enters a victims mouth, nose or eyes, diseases or viruses may be involuntarily ingested which can then infect the host.


Spitting is a particularly nasty assault because the victim may unknowingly contract serious illnesses such as Hepatitis B and C, influenza (flu), AIDS, herpes, Strep, Rhinovirus, and many other hazardous salvia or blood transmitted pathogens. It's easy to see why Police and the Justice Courts treat spitting as assault.

The KIT Design spit mask began life in 2010 and was developed in conjunction with UK Police. The anti-spitting hood was the only medically certified product CE 93/42/EEC certified against dangerous and contagious diseases. Further research and development of the anti-spit hood brought about the evolution of the current Spit Guard Pro spit mask, refined for ultimate protection, easy carry and rapid deployment. Subsequently the Spit Guard Pro received approval from the MET Police Medical Director for use by UK Police.

Now the threat of spitting from a detained individual can be swiftly and safely eliminated thanks to Spit Guard Pro, which features a quick-rip back seam for rapid removal, ideal when removing from a spitting detainee where a fast retreat from their holding cell may be necessary. Any expelled spit, liquids or solids are neatly contained within the Spit Guard Pro's front pouch, which stands well away from the wearers face to prevent asphyxiation.


Are anti-spit hoods a humane solution? Some people argue and debate this. But one thing's for sure, being spat at is disguising, unacceptable, seriously hazardous to health and classed as assault, so when the use of an anti-spitting hood is required you need the best protection available. Expertly designed and constructed using technical materials, Spit Guard Pro ensures the wearer still has unrestricted breathing and clear vision, yet resists any form of unwanted tampering or removal. In an ideal world hostile people would stop spitting, but until that then, the best solution is Spit Guard Pro.


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