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Spit Guard Pro by Garmentec
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SPIT GUARD PRO protects Police, Security and Prison Guards from spitting.

The best defence against spitting is Spit Guard Pro.

This anti-spitting hood provides unrestricted eye contact to reduce wearer panic. Spit Guard Pro is a humane solution to hazardous spitting.

Total protection against spitting and associated dangerous and contagious diseases. Spit Guard Pro is quick and easy to apply and can't be altered by the wearer.

The anti-spit hood designed with UK Police to guarantee effective protection.

Spit Guard Pro is a tried and tested safe barrier against spit.

Spit Guard Pro eliminates risk of blocked airway, avoiding asphyxiation via fluids or solids. Expelled materials held away from face, ready for hygienic disposal of mask.

Evaluated and approved by the MET Police and Medical Director for use nationwide by UK Police forces. No known health or safety risks.

SPIT GUARD PRO spit mask in use and demonstrated by Gloucestershire Police.

* PLEASE NOTE: this video contains strong language from the start.

Water Drops


KIT Design KAC0052 Spit Guard Pouch

Store your Spit Guard Pro in this wearable pocket pouch, which can easily be added to a belt or equipment vest. Carry your spit guard conveniently and discreetly, ready for deployment whenever you need it.

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